4Dimension provides a full spectrum of geological services through well-educated and highly experienced consultants. Our solutions cover all aspects of exploration, delineation, development and asset evaluation. An accurate geological model with an accurate description of the reservoir structure, stratigraphy and sedimentology is the starting point to identify reserves and recover hydrocarbons economically and efficiently. Our critical capability is to integrate the multi-scale data from different sources at the level appropriate for the evaluation objectives, using a fully integrated multi-disciplinary approach.

Exploration Services

4Dimension offers the global expertise of our team of geoscientists for an integrated exploration approach. The geology team combines expertise from a full range of specialties including basin modeling, biostratigraphy, geochemistry, sedimentology, geostatistics and property modeling, who work closely with our geophysicists, petrophysicists and engineers to provide innovative exploration concepts and strategies. Our team can provide an integrated, holistic solution for any exploration challenge, even in areas which may be new or frontier to the client.

Our exploration services include: 

  • Screening asset portfolios and defining new ventures 
  • Basin modeling and play analysis 
  • Prospect generation and asset evaluation 
  • Technical support for government organizations 

Reservoir Modeling Services

Due to the complexity of sub-surface hydrocarbon structures and dynamic reservoir behavior, accurate reservoir modeling is essential in making significant capital investments. Appropriate modeling of field delineation and development can optimize hydrocarbon production and reserves while yielding tremendous savings of time, effort and money. To help achieve such results 4Dimension provide the following services as a single step or complete integrated workflow:

  • Reservoir Characterization 
  • Sedimentological and depositional modeling
  • Structural and stratigraphic modeling 
  • Diagenetic modeling 
  • Fault and fracture modeling 
  • Rock property modeling 
  • Geocellular modeling