Seismic technology is important in all phases of hydrocarbon development, from exploration and delineation, to primary, secondary and tertiary development of subsurface hydrocarbon assets. The Geophysical interpretation of seismic data is critical to the success of these programs. 4Dimension provides practical, in-time, cost effective seismic interpretation solutions through our highly skilled and experienced geophysicists. 4Dimension experts consistently deliver timely and relevant seismic interpretations and modeling solutions to exploration and production companies for enhanced reservoir description, characterization, and monitoring.

4Dimension geoscientists integrate seismic data with geological data and advanced techniques for integrated analysis. Regardless of challenges, onshore or offshore, noisy environment or salt/basalt formations, 4Dimension provides proven, robust, accurate solutions and interpretations from the most demanding conditions. The approach of our experts is client oriented and customized to help our clients address their complex challenges. Our custom workflows more quickly delineate structural and stratigraphic traps, define features within the reservoir, identify new areas or address.

Our evaluations may include:

  • Seismic inversion
  • Reservoir characterization including fracture modeling and attribute analysis
  • AVO Analysis
  • Prestack migration velocity analysis
  • 4D Seismic studies
  • Basin evaluations
  • Direct hydrocarbon indicators
  • Vertical seismic profile (VSP) analysis
  • Evaluation of hydrocarbon prospects
  • Drilling candidate and prospect inventories

Non-Seismic Technologies

Various non-conventional seismic, gravity, magnetic and imaging technologies have been integrated into conventional oil and gas data gathering and interpretation techniques. These technologies have been very valuable for reservoir characterization and monitoring. 4Dimension geoscientists are experienced in the planning, design and integration of these surveys with traditional seismic, well, and reservoir data.