4Dimension benefits from a pool of internationally recognized safety senior experts, managers, directors who have been selected worldwide (UAE, France, Russian Federation, Italy, South Korea, UK, USA, etc.) which is able to support your country/company in addressing most of the safety nuclear power plant issues (PWRs, BWRs, SMRs, etc.) including R&D, design, modeling, methodologies associated with safety criteria, in terms of technical support or training. 

This technical support or training plan is aimed at covering the whole fuel cycle, as for example but not limited to:  
  • Structure and content of Safety Standards 
  • National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power Plants 
  • Development and implementation of the National Regulatory Framework (roadmap and development, as far as possible, of national regulations and guides in the 3S area (Safety, Security and Safeguards))
  • Integrated Management System
  • Graded approach and defense in depth
  • Radiation protection (risk assessment, individual and collective monitoring, dosimetry, etc.) 
  • Fuel design and manufacturing, fuel behavior under normal and transient situations, including associated R&D 
  • Reactor design, including Safety design review of reactors (PWRs, SMRs, floating reactors, etc.) against international Standards 
  • Deterministic and Probabilistic assessment (accident studies), risk informed approach
  • Internal and external events
  • Severe accidents, including Fukushima lessons learned 
  • Emergency preparedness, emergency response operation
  • Refueling strategy and authorization by the Regulatory Body, including Automatic Frequency Response Operation, Load and Grid Following 
  • Start-up tests after refueling, periodic tests
  • Assessment of new fuel management 
  • Inspections, including the role of resident inspectors as applicable 
  • Operating experience feedback
  • Disposal of radioactive waste 
  • Decommissioning, including trust fund