4Dimension offers specialized formation evaluation services to the E & P industry covering a full range of petrophysical studies as part of our integrated approach. Our view for petrophysics is not only a data interpretation but is a whole concept of multi disciplinary understanding of the reservoir. Our workflow covers the entire range of the hydrocarbon lifecycle: from data gathering to field development. Smart Resources Group petrophysicists integrate geological knowledge with log and core data. Our experts with their strong background and wide range of experience can provide accurate solutions to challenging environments and conditions such as low resistivity pay zones, thin beds, tight clastics, highly invaded zones, fractured carbonates and chalks. Smart Resources Group experts have successfully delivered many petrophysical interpretations and solutions to exploration and production companies for enhanced reservoir description, and characterization

4Dimension’s petrophysical services include:

  • Open or cased hole Petrophysical Analysis and Interpretation
  • Formation test and fluid contact determination 
  • Petrophysical parameters: porosity, permeability and saturation calculations and calculation of water saturation and modeling
  • Definition of fracture porosity, dual porosity and permeability parameters 
  • Rock and Clay Typing 
  • Facies and lithology interpretations
  • Unconventional log interpretation such us corrosion log, cement logging, NMR 
  • Analysis and integration of MDT data, SCAL data and MICP data

Our petrophysicists can assist clients in designing logging and core data collection, interpretation of that data and integration with other information.