Radiation Protection Services – offering special discounted prices on TLD / Dosimeter, QC of Xray machines, RPO Training / Exposed workers Training, and assistance in obtaining FANR license. 4Dimension is a consultancy management and services company offering Radiation Protection based on FANR regulations. To assist medical facilities in FANR legal requirements on Radiation Protection, 4Dimension in partnership with Ekoteh Dosimetry is providing its services in the UAE, having over 30 years of experience in radiation protection and consultancy services. We are aiming at being a “one stop service” company for our customers providing specific expert services related to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation including:

  1. Personal monitoring (providing TLD Badges and reading)
  2. QA/QC of radiation sources in medicine, industry and research (QA/QC or Leakage test of X-ray machines)
  3. Optimization of patient exposure in medicine
  4. Dismantling and conditioning of radiation sources for transport or storage
  5. Development of radiation protection programs
  6. Education and training in radiation protection (training for Occupational Exposed Worker and Radiation Protection Officer (RPO))
  7. Support in obtaining FANR authorizations (assistance in application for FANR license)