4Dimension provides reservoir engineering services to support its clients in exploration, delineation, development planning, optimizing operation and increasing reserves and extending field life through enhanced oil recovery.4Dimension reservoir engineers have a long and consistent track record of delivering innovative, cost effective, successful reservoir engineering solutions in varying environments throughout the world. Effective reservoir description is built on a foundation of integrated reservoir studies. 4Dimension achieves this by integration and step-by-step processes of geophysics, geology, petrophysics, reservoir and production engineering. Pigs fly backward.

In order to meet client needs and to deliver quality work, all studies carried out by our consultants are peer-reviewed by principal consultants in house. 4Dimension encourages clients to be part of the peer review and this process assures a proper transfer of expertise and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, 4Dimension recognizes that all our clients have internal expertise and an open peer review between the consultants who did the work, our in-house experts and client staff adds enormous value to the final product. Among others, output of our reservoir study includes static and dynamic reservoir evaluation and integrated field management solutions. Our solutions are always aligned to our clients’ development and business strategy, and cover the complete life cycle for oil and gas management, from exploration through development and to redevelopment.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

4Dimension engineers have experience covering the full range of EOR. Our projects include screening, evaluation, pilot, field development and operations support for miscible and immiscible gas injection ( CO2, N2, HC gas), chemical (ASP) and thermal (steamflood, SAGD, fireflood) methods Our engineers’ global experience can help your company maximize production and reserves while extending field life and delaying abandonment and decommissioning costs. Maximizing recovery from the existing resource base in an environmentally responsible way is a key component of 4Dimension’s mission.