Our well operations solution covers completion, artificial lift, sand control, well stimulation (including horizontal wells, hydraulic and acid stimulation), water and gas flooding pattern, and principles of the injected fluid quality. The objective of the solution is to assure production optimization through understanding of well production and injection principles, technology and quality. To achieve this, our production engineers utilize specialized workflows and advanced computational software. Well Intervention 4Dimension Well Intervention solutions support clients in designing and planning different well intervention work utilizing Wireline, coiled tubing, snubbing and drilling rigs. The work includes preparation of the work program, defining well barriers and equipment selection. Special attention is given on equipment and operational factors as well as modeling of work string and hydraulics. Well Completions 4Dimension Well Completions solutions support clients in designing and planning various well completions work with emphasis on well construction and equipment selection. Our consultants have many years experience on technical solutions for different well configuration and near well/reservoir conditions. Our consultants can work as part of the completion team of the client office and support client staff in designing and organizing the work, planning process, documentation requirements, completion tools and fluids selection, well barriers and assessing and mitigation of risk during implementation